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Star Wars Rare Pairs Exchange

because rare pairs need love, too.

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Name:Star Wars Rare Pairs Exchange
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Community description:a star wars rare pairs gift exchange
What is Star Wars Rare Pairs?

Star Wars Rare Pairs is an exchange that celebrates rare pairs within the Star Wars universe. Participants sign up to write fic, create a piece of art, or edit a vid for a pairing requested by another participant. In exchange, they will receive a fic, piece of art, or vid for a pairing they have requested.

How does it work?

As with many exchanges, this exchange goes through a process of nominations, sign-ups, the sending out of assignments, and reveals of works/authors.


During the nomination period, interested individuals will take to AO3 to nominate up to ten rare Star Wars pairings of their choice. Ideally, these pairs are ones the individual would like to request or are ones they are willing to write/draw/make a vid for.


During the sign-up period, interested individuals will sign up on AO3 with 3-20 pairings they want to request as well as 4-20 pairings they are offering. At this time, individuals can specify whether they would like to receive fic/art/vids and whether they will offer fic/art/vids. Each individual will only have to create one piece of fic or art or a vid if they decide to offer more than one of these options. Each recipient will receive one piece of fic, art, or a vid.


Participants are matched based on what they offer and request in their sign-ups. Once everyone is appropriately matched, they will receive their assignment. Participants will receive an e-mail from AO3 indicating that they have a new assignment and assignments can be checked in the assignments link on their AO3 profile.
Assignments must be completed and uploaded by the deadline specified in the schedule.


On the works revealed date specified in the schedule, works will be revealed. Until the author reveals, they will show on AO3 as having been written by anonymous. On the author reveals date, the author will then be revealed.
Before reveals, works cannot be viewed on AO3 and will only show as mystery gifts in the recipient’s gifts page as well as in the exchange collection.
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